Space Shoot

Space Shoot

Destroy at all your enemies and try to survive for as long as possible

Space Shoot is a shooting game. You have a space ship in which you will have to shoot to survive. For the mission you'll count with three ships which represent your spare lives. Be careful on your way and shoot on sight to all enemies before they get too close.

When you see floating satellites destroy as many of them as you can, each satellite is an enemy. Be very careful with several floating iron balls approaching the ship, they will instantly make you loose a life.

Space Shoot will entertain you and give you a chance to measure your shooting and navigation skills with other players on internet. Simply post your score on the site's top scores table and you'll see if you're above all others, or if you're just as average as the rest.

Use the mouse to control your ship, and as usual use the weapon by pulling the trigger with the left click. A suggestion is to maintain the left click pressed for a while to create a stream of bullets which will destroy all enemies faster and without taking any risk.

Now the dark side of the game... despite of having a good concept, the game's playing mode is a bit boring. The ship moves just like the mouse cursor, there is no gravity, and piloting the ship feels unnatural. Pulling the trigger multiple times often makes the bullets to appear quite close together, giving an uncomfortable feeling of shooting.

Overall, it's a good game for kids. But an experienced gamer will dismiss it just by using it for four minutes.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Easy and a bit entertaining


  • Unnatural movement of ship
  • Unpleasant shooting feeling
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